Q: How fast does Old Soren Motorcycles go? 

A: Our motorcycle have 3 different speed modes and are considered Limited Speed Motorcycles. (Mode1) 15mph (Mode2) 45mph (Mode3) 65mph. 

Q: Do I need a motorcycle license? 

A: Our motorcycles are considered limited speed motorcycles or scooters up to 125cc. If you reside in California or intend to operate our motorcycles in modes two, and three, which correspond to higher motorcycle speeds, you will need a motorcycle license. However, certain states may not require a motorcycle license if you exclusively use mode one, which has a maximum speed limit of 15mph. Please check your local state laws for guidance. 

Q: What is a limited speed motorcycle? 

A: Limited speed motorcycles have a low-power mode designed for lower-speeds which in some states can bypass registration, and having to get a motorcycle license. It is commonly used for short-distance commuting due to its cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency. We highly recommend that you check with your local state laws on limited speed motorcycles if you are outside of California. 

Q: Can I register an Old Soren as a moped? 

A: Yes, most people do this. Our bikes come with fold up pedals and a chain which are removable. They sit just behind the rider foot pegs and are hard to spot if you don't know they are there. Keeping those on your bike and riding in mode 1 fully passes as an electric moped. 

Q: Can I fully register an Old Soren as a motorcycle? 

A: Yes you can depending on the state you live in. If you are unable to with our VIN, you can register it as a custom build motorcycle and will need to get the VIN cleared through your local Highway Patrol office. Our bikes are fully DOT approved. You will also receive an official MCO document with VIN and other details for the DMV. 

Q: What is the range of Old Soren Electric Motorcycles?

A: The range of Old Soren Electric Motorcycles can vary due to factors, including temperature, assist level, speed, payload, terrain, what mode you're in, frequent stop and go's. Our estimated range 90 miles 

Q: How much is an Old Soren Motorcycle and will the reserve price be subtracted from the retail price? 

A: They are $7,999+ tax. Yes the reserve price will be subtracted from the retail price. 

Q: Can I personally pick my Old Soren up when it's ready? 

A: Once it is time for the delivery, we will contact you to discuss whether you prefer a local pickup, delivery, or if we need to arrange shipment through LTL freight. For additional information, please refer to our shipping policy located in the footer menu.

Q: How much is it to ship an Old Soren to my state and what shipping company do you use? 

A: We use LTL freight and to give you a ballpark estimate, shipping from CA to NY is around $600. 

Q: Do you have investors?

A: No, we are independent from investors and that's why your down payments and reserving a motorcycle helps us grow tremendously as a company and how we are able to fund the build of a motorcycle. 

Q: Are Old Soren Electric Motorcycles fully electric?

A: Yes, all Old Soren motorcycles are fully electric, which means they are powered entirely by electric motors and do not require any fuel combustion.

 Q: How long does it take to charge an Old Soren Electric Motorcycle?

A: Typically, it takes around 5-8 hours to fully charge an Old Soren Electric Motorcycle using our charging cable that comes with the motorcycle and can be plugged directly into a regular outlet. ONLY USE OUR CERTIFIED CHARGERS FOR CHARGING.

Q: Can I charge an Old Soren Electric Motorcycle at home?

A: Yes, you can charge an Old Soren Electric Motorcycle at home using a standard household electrical outlet. ONLY USE OUR CERTIFIED CHARGERS FOR CHARGING.

Q: Are Old Soren Electric Motorcycles suitable for long-distance riding?

A: Old Soren Electric Motorcycles are designed for urban commuting and short-to-medium distance rides. While they can handle some longer trips, the limited range of the battery may require more frequent charging or planning for longer rides. Estimated range is 90 Miles. 

Q: Do Old Soren Electric Motorcycles require regular maintenance?

A: Electric motorcycles generally have lower maintenance requirements compared to traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles. However, regular maintenance tasks such as tightening bolts, tire inspections every 3 months, brake checks, and battery monitoring should still be performed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Q: Can I customize my Old Soren Electric Motorcycle?

A: Old Soren Electric Motorcycles offer various customization options called Outlaw, including different color schemes, seat options, fabrications, and accessories. Contact us if you'd like any customizations.